Sky High Society was created by Tarshia Shanái. She has always had a love for travel, traveling to different states as a child and as she got older, she began traveling to different countries.  In 2016, she planned a birthday trip to Thailand. It started with 8 women and ended up with Tarshia traveling alone. She began posting pictures on social media and others began inquiring wondering if they can travel with her or plan a trip for her. This is where the creation of what will soon be Sky High Society.

Our first grip trip was to Dubai, where 7 women from different states met up in New York and flew out to Dubai. Since then, we have been to several other countries. We are now selling out most of our trips, with Bali selling out in record time in less than 24 hours. 

We allow you to check off those breathtaking destinations off your bucket list. Furthermore, our standing relationships with tour companies, resorts and hotels enable us to negotiate and create the best experiences. We don’t just hire a third-party company. Sky High Society puts in the footwork, does the research to provide an experience and yes, it is truly an EXPERIENCE. If you are traveling with us soon, you will have the opportunity and pleasure to meet Tarshia or some of the most incredible travel coordinators. 

Our experiences are a mix of leisure time, cultural experiences, sightseeing, nightlife and more. Many have said that Sky High Society pushes you to the limit. Are you ready?

Travel to Live. Live to Travel.