Sky High Society believes that stepping outside of the USA opens the minds and changes the worldview of those who are provided with the opportunity to.  International travel experience opens the lens of individuals to embrace the differences in others. We believe that one of the greatest privileges as an American is being able to obtain a passport and traveling the world.

How often is the Sky High Way- Passport Giveaway?

We will be giving away 2 passports/year. However, our goal is to give away one passport/month.

How can I enter the Sky High Way- Passport Giveaway?

Please join our Facebook group and our text alerts stay updated.

How can you support the Sky High Way- Passport Giveaway?

Please join us in making a difference in the lives of others by providing them with a passport, which will open the door to endless possibilities. The current cost of a US passport with fees is $145, although that seems small, to some people it can serve as a significant barrier.

Why support Sky High Way-Passport Giveaway?

Less than 45% of U.S. Citizens have a passport, that percentage is much lower among minorities, and that needs to change.

Sky High Way- Passport Giveaway give participants the opportunity to explore the world beyond the borders of the USA.

How does this program help?

The Sky High Way-Passport Giveaway helps remove the financial burden of obtaining a passport by providing a deserving man or woman with a free passport. This initiative puts more passports in the hands of communities around the US.